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Read my book, "My Upward Spiral" and be inspired by my transparent story about being misdiagnosed as bipolar, dealing with depression, cancer and divorce, and thriving to become a philosopher and thought leader in Digital Marketing worldwide.

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From Emceeing events in San Diego and Las Vegas, to my Stern Storming workshops worldwide, find out where and when you can see me next.

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Talks And Workshops

From B2B marketing to dealing with the loss of your parents, my imaginative and moving talks and workshops will have your guests asking for more.


About me

I was raised by a philosophy professor and a grade school teacher. They taught me business ethics, cognitive thinking, and to do unto others as you would do unto yourself.
I was raised by Star Wars that taught me “Never tell me the odds”, and “Do or do not, there is no try.”
I was born an actor, a singer, and a playwright. I came of age as the web was born.
I now see both as one and the same. I love directing for the digital stage. Combining technical logic with heartfelt emotion.

I am a philosopher. Like My Father Before Me.
I am a teacher at heart.
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Appearances And Stern Storming Events

Media: The Center Of Your Marketing
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Industrious, Denver
If you have been frustrated with the results of your 2017 marketing, this is the talk and workshop for you. Stern Storming is teaming up with Industrious and Industrious Denver to bring you a whole year-long series of talks...

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