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Darrell Stern | Keynote Speaker and Breakout Session Professor

There is ALWAYS Prosperity in You!

Keynote Talk in Las Vegas

At the 2019 Prosperity LIVE event, I took to the stage and told one of my most transparent and honest stories.

That despite everything that happens TO us, we always have our education and our gifts and talents.

#FBWDEN Helping Freelancers

During the week-long Freelance Business Week Event in Denver, I was invited to teach young freelancers how to grow their profits and influence using VIDEO media, YouTube, and SEO.

Helping Freelancers Use Their Gifts

There is ALWAYS Prosperity in You!

AMPx Event Boulder, Colorado

Joining with Robert Evans at his amazing AMPx event, I taught powerful entrepreneurs at Galanize Co-Working Space how to market their business using Apps and how to market Apps using Blogging, Stern Storming, Vlogging and SEO.

I will be back soon with a whole new website!


Darrell Stern | The Digital Marketing Jedi