Hey, this is Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi coming back at you. I want to talk to you about creating videos and creating content. A big no, no is do not watch your own videos. Now obviously you have to edit your own videos. You’re going to have to watch them to get them ready, and upload them, and maybe remember.. You’ve got to look at what file names are what to put them into your system. Unless, of course, you just engage with Darrell Stern and stern.marketing, Stern Storming, and the Stern Marketing Academy. We’ll produce all your videos for you and with you, but here’s the big thing. Don’t be critical of yourself while watching your own videos. Don’t watch yourself on camera and just go, “I hate it.”

Now, be constructive with yourself. If you’re watching your own videos and the camera angle is off, or you realize that you’re not as excited as you could be in these videos, or that you’re slurring your words, or you’re starting to go off-topic, and you’re starting to use words like, like, um, you know, basically, and you’re kind of getting off-topic. Then, obviously, yes, watch your own videos, be a little critical of it, but do not judge how you look. Do not judge your posture. Do not judge too much or be too judgmental about your own work on video.

Because the world needs your gifts, and the world will always see you a lot better and with a lot less criticism as you see yourself. I’m Darrell Stern. I would love for you to join me in my Stern Marketing Academy Mastermind, where I teach you guys how to create video, how to create YouTube channels, how to blow up your SEO, your blogging, and everything that you need to create profits and influence. I’ll see you in the next video.