Oh, hi. This is Darrell Stern, your Digital Marketing Jedi.

I don’t know if you remember that song. What was it? The eighties or the nineties right? Living Color, was it In Living Color was the band and they came out with this awesome heavy metal, like really, really, really, really hard rock song called Cult of Personality, and I love it. I love it to this day.

The song popped into my head recently because we have certain people now in certain positions of power, both here in the United States and around the world, who seem to be trumping others by creating a cult, if you will, around their personality. What my question is is, can we create a cult around your personality? Now I’m not talking about doing something evil. Please understand. I’m not talking about doing something evil. I’m not even talking about doing something political. What I’m talking about is, what if your brand, your product, right, what it represents, the philosophy… I’m itchy. What if your brand, your philosophy, right, your teaching, your guidance, your lessons that you want people to learn, right? What if we could actually, so consistently, tap into your personality around that, that we could create that kind of cult-like following, right? Social media marketing. Gosh, there’s been so much talk over the past decade about social media, social media, social media marketing.

Isn’t it kind of like a cult, right? Like if somebody has a lot of followers, isn’t that really kind of like a cult of personality, that people just can’t wait to see this person and this personality again and see what they’re going to say next and what they’re going to do next, right?

How would we do that? Could we do that? I want to know your answers to that question in the comments below. Could we take anyone in business, right? Maybe it’s a bestselling author or maybe even just an author, not even bestselling, someone who has lessons out online or an online course or something like that. Could we actually take the steps to make that person into a cult of personality? Okay, so let me explain.

If we worked on the acting and the theater of the marketing that that person was always consistently doing, if we had super professional, consistently well-designed media, that person that had the same look and feel and color and texture to it, right, and we came up with the sayings, the catchphrases, the memes, right, the things that would go along with that, could we make that into a cult of personality?

Now here, I’ll give you an example. I’m Darrell Stern, the most interesting man in marketing, right? You know the Dos Equis guy, right? The most interesting man in the world, right? He’s just doing these exotic crazy things that really became a cult of personality. It represented the beer, right? Dos Equis, right? He was [inaudible 00:03:36] at the end. ” When I’m doing this, I have a Dos Equis and [inaudible 00:03:40].” So yeah, the brand was attached to it, but that guy became, in and of itself, a cult of personality.

It’s a thing that now is in pop culture, that we all know that personality. Let’s do it. Let’s get Stern. Let’s go Stern storming. Let’s see if we can build a brand from the ground up that literally becomes a cult of personality. I’m Darrell Stern your Digital Marketing Jedi telling you anything is possible when you do or do not. There is no try. It’s true. I’ll see you soon.