S3 E1 The Reboot Show Consistency and Persistence | The Other Stern Show

Darrell Stern: Hey, this is Darrell Stern. Welcome back to The Other Stern Show. This is a very special episode that I’m calling The Reboot Episode. I really want this […]

S2 E1 Tamara Linnan Gets Stern On Virtually Running a Business and Giving Back | The Other Stern Show

Join Tamara Linnan’s Starving Dog Movement and Help Veterans The Starving Dog #PutActionWhereYourHashTagIs #TouchBaseTuesday Are all creations of the marvelous Tamara Linnan who has overcome so much and gives BACK. […]

S2E2 Stephanie Liu The Social Media Strategist Gets Stern | The Other Stern Show

Balancing Family, Marriage, and a Live Streaming Business The incredible Stephanie Liu sits down with me to uncover how she Got Stern and balanced here incredibly busy life, career, and […]

EP 14 Equality For Women We Get Stern With Arielle Shipe | The Other Stern Show

#WhyIDidntReport #GetStern Arielle Shipe is an Instagram Influencer: https://www.instagram.com/arielleshipe/ We talked about equality for women and how she used to only allow herself 500 calories a day. Arielle is a […]

LUCKY EP 13 The Other Stern Show Gets Stern About CUDDLING! | The Other Stern Show

Cuddling with Sam and the need for more human contact. HI, I’M SAM.  My mission in life is to make sure no one feels alone on their journey. Right now […]

EP 12 We Get Stern About Branding With Lela Crawford – Benson | The Other Stern Show

Your Brand Is What’s INSIDE and needs to get OUT. LIVE as we #GetStern with Lela Crawford – Benson CEO of Rooted Sparrow Studio Connect with her at: https://www.facebook.com/lela.crawford.5 #GetStern Let’s Schedule […]

EP 11 Ula Tinsley And The Autism Mama Bear Story | The Other Stern Show

#GetStern and Help Bring Awareness to Autism Ula Tinsley’s son has autism, and SHE has answers. https://www.facebook.com/URSA.Autism.Mama.Bear/ https://www.icare4autism.org/mom-s-diary-ula-tinsley In this episode we #GetStern about what it takes to do your […]

EP 10 Let’s Get Metaphysical with Sacheen Mobley | The Other Stern Show

Dr. Mobley on how we #GetStern in relationships There are so many questions to answer. There is this weird idea that within the question lies the answer. Really? I am […]

EP 9 Get Stern with Tucker Bearden Inspirational Public Speaker | The Other Stern Show

Creator of the Stay Humble and Hustle Podcast Tucker is an amazing public speaker. Check out his podcast at: https://www.facebook.com/StayHumbleHustleHardPodcast/ Tucker inspires us all to live a tranquil and humble […]

EP8 Samantha Parker IS a Badass Entrepreneur | The Other Stern Show

All about your work ethic in life and in business. Samantha Parker IS a Badass! http://badasserymag.com/ Her work ethic summed up in her statement… “If it’s got to get DONE […]