TV Commercial Reel – 1983 – 1996

As a kid, between the age of nine and twenty-five, I had the honor of working with several talented actors such as Andrew Cassese (Revenge of the Nerds) and Googy Gress (literally hundreds of TV appearances.

Scooter Computer And Mr. Chips | Schoolhouse Rock – 1983 – 1984

I was honored to work with Bob Kaliban, the KING of voice-overs in the 70s and 80s.
He was Mr. Chips, and I was Scooter Computer.
Although this seems very outdated today, a home computer at the time was an Atari 400 or a Commodore 64.
The MESSAGE of these cartoons though remains the same today.
Computers can only process information, not understand it. It is the human experience that pushes us forward.

On Marketing: Radio And TV on Experience Pros

Over the past three years, I have worked with Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer the first Monday of every month on the Stern Inbound Radio show on their Experience Pros Radio show.

Angel and Eric and their Experience Pros network has taken my life and my business to nationwide success.

Livestream Universe With Ross Brand

Darrell Stern talking old school vs new school broadcasting with one of the biggest live streamers in the world ROSS BRAND on his Live Stream Universe Show!

On The Hustle Show

One of the BEST interviews I have ever given!
The talented young host actually received some great coaching from ME on business and marketing!

Professor Nez And Neznation

I LOVE #Neznation and everything Professor Nez is up to on the web!