Hey, this is Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi coming at you with another amazing vlog. Today I just wanted to talk about excuses, and the excuse that you always make when someone talks to you about your business or your marketing. Let’s review some of them.

“Well, that’s not what we had planned yet. We’re going to do that in the fall.” Or, “Yeah, we tried to that. It didn’t work for us, so we’re just not going to do it that way.” Or, “Yes, we have a website, but we don’t use the website to collect leads. We don’t use the website. It’s there, but we don’t use it.” Or, “Yeah, we did some videos. We did some videos and yeah, we did some videos.”

Look, stop the excuses. I mean, you can keep making excuses, but those excuses, that story that you’re telling yourself about the work that you’re doing, that made up the conclusion that you’re making, the facts and figures that you’re drawing out of things and concluding different conclusions. It’s just an excuse. I want to know if you’re ready to stop making excuses. To stop telling yourself stories that you’ve concocted and made up that you think and you’ve convinced yourself are true when you know they are just an excuse.

I’m Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi. I’m here to tell you and to teach you that there is a direct methodology and philosophy that will get you from where you are to influence and profits. The methodology that I have created that has taken me by the way, almost 30 years to create is called, Stern Storming, and it is based on this. You, yes, you watching this video right now, are a gift to the world and the world needs your gifts. All we have to do on a very basic level is tap into your gifts and get you to teach what you know, demonstrate what you know and lecture on those topics that you’re really opinionated on and that you really know a lot about. Now couple that in with a little invitation to work with you and a little bit of search engine optimization and YouTube optimization and these things called hashtags, and you’ve a rent and repeat process that will make you honestly know and understand that this digital marketing thing does work.

Hate to tell you this because I’m sure you have an excuse as to why it hasn’t been working for you, but it does work. People and agencies and accounting firms and auto mechanics and funeral homes and public speakers and authors are making millions upon millions of dollars using this digital marketing. I want to show you how.

Join the Stern Marketing Mastermind and you can even download the Stern Marketing Academy. Just search for that Stern Marketing Academy app and believe it or not, I’m going to give you what I used to charge $997 for my entire complete online course in how to step-by-step create profits and influence. The reason why I want you to learn this is so that you’ll stop it with the excuses already. So you’ll stop making up this thing that you heard from someone, that something has to work this way and therefore you can’t do this until that, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s not worth it. You have gifts. You are talented. Your services are needed. Let’s get this right already. Let’s get stern. I’m Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi, and I hope you’ll join me in a Stern Storming session, download the Stern Marketing Academy app, and join me in the $7 a month Stern Marketing Mastermind. I’ll see you soon.

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